Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States
A little about me:

Hope that I am a sincere, kind and caring man. People around me tell that I am and they like it. It is very easy to find a language with me and they can tell me everything and can trust me. Of course it is hard to be good for everybody but I try to be polite! I also may add that I never have bad mood and never fall into depression, because if I feel lonely or sad, I always lift my mood with some good acts! This is my secret of happy life.

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

I want a woman that can love me for whom i am and care for me which i will also care for her and loved her like she has never been before, A woman that can give me affection, Emotional soar, Love, Care, and most important a woman to trust and to be trusted

My Christian faith:
Christian faith is confidence in Jesus Christ. It is confidence in his ability to bring you through every circumstance of life.
Christian Denomination:
Christian (just Christian) 
Christian dating
Looking For: