Lake Mills, Iowa, United States
A little about me:

I am happy in my own skin, private and a little reserved until I get to know you. I am a fun-loving men, quick to laugh and with a dry sense of humor. I am an introvert, and like small groups and being one on one better than large gatherings, I also like better to be behind the scene than up front. I can be quite driven when it comes to work. I usually like things to be done today instead of tomorrow. In life I like things to be neat and organized. I really value honesty and openness in a relationship and if I overstep the mark I have no problem asking for forgiveness. The other side of the coin is that I am stubborn and can be opinionated and outspoken with those I know. That is why I am looking for a man who holds Christ in the first place in his life and who is not frightened to, gently but firmly, hold his ground and correct me when needed.

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

I am looking for a committed woman, who can lead me with love, respect and integrity, one that I can love, respect and honor. A woman that is not afraid to take charge and to make decisions even when it is hard. One where praying together, sharing from the Word and talking about spiritual things is a natural part of our relationship. I would love to be in a relationship that has a generous sprinkling of fun and laughter and when we hit rough patches in life we can work through those times together leaning heavily on the Lord and one another to see us through. I am looking for a woman that does not shy away from responsibilities, who likes to be active and that I can enjoy working together with inside and outside, because I love doing things together and I love a productive woman

My Christian faith:
Prayer almost every day, and go to church once in a while
Christian Denomination:
Christian (just Christian) 
Christian dating
Looking For:
Serious Relationship