Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A little about me:

I’m a born again believer, I’m single, never married. I’m more of an introvert but I’m friendly and more on the calm, easy-going side. I love nature, animals, music, travel, sightseeing, and more. I enjoy certain sports such as tennis, pickleball, swimming, walking…. I’m game to try other activities if asked.

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

I prefer the company of respectful, compassionate, authentic and fun-loving people. Being a bit shy, I prefer that a gentleman make the first move. I tend to prefer confident, optimistic and pet lovers as I am.

My Christian faith:
I have always as far as I can remember had a relationship with God. I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour in my twenties and depend on Him for everything in my life. He has brought me through difficult times and has comforted and cared for mme even when I was at my lowest. I will never leave Him nor forsake Him because He never has and never will. I strive to put Him first in everything and He is definitely the rock on which I stand.
Christian Denomination:
Christian dating
Looking For:
Serious Relationship