Avonmouth, Avon, United Kingdom
A little about me:

I am from Kenya. I am 30 years, a pharmacist and a mother of a handsome 3 year old boy. Am looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage despite distance.
I am a vibrant young lady with a strict passion for God Almighty Yeshua.
My Future husband should know that I value communication and empathy.
I am looking for someone to compliment me and my son as a husband and a functional father figure. Despite my shortcomings in my previous relationship, i would like to expand my family.
I love books about building wealth and building faith
I love dwelling in positive environments

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

A man who acknowledges God a his supreme being.
My Ideal date should be communicated in advance. I don't mind splitting the bill especially when am with my son.

My Christian faith:
I have a personal connection with my supreme being and it is not dependent on a particular religion but on morals taught through the teachings of Yeshua
Christian Denomination:
Christian dating
Looking For: