Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States
A little about me:

I am 69, a widow, two adult children. I am very conservative, in 24/7 relationship with God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Elegant, polite, virtuous, humble, modest. Articulate, love the simple things in life. Met the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979 and was filled with Holy Spirit in August 1980. Have not backslid. I head up a prayer group of over 80 women.

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Fun to me is getting into the Spirit, expressing our giftings, exhibiting the fruit of the spirit and experiencing the holy demonstration of wonderful and glorious Holy Spirit. Secondary, is reading and loving the Word of God and interceding for others. After that, nature to me is a miracle, even a tree. I swoon over anything our Creator God has made. I like to fish, make pumpkin bread, walk through little towns and introduce myself to shop owners, I have a strong entrepreneur focus in life and am very small business oriented. Adore dogs, children and every animal God has created. Looking for authentic, real, valid, Christ Centered men who are simply lost in the Glory of God and all that He is. I do not believe in any type of intimate contact outside of marriage. I am very chaste. But after marriage, I adore romance and all that it is. I am elegant, modest, always a lady, but love to laugh and have fun. God is good.

My Christian faith:
First date would be hearing all about you and what your goals are in serving Christ in the future and for the rest of your life. My favorite passage is John 14:6. I love a church that is not a one man stand but involves all in the congregation and recognizes the giftings in the pews.
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