Clayton, North Carolina, United States
A little about me:

Hi! Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been single for over 10 years my kids are grown and married and I am originally from Niagara Falls. I went to college in Indiana, lived in Ohio and was recruited by Duke and have lived in North Carolina for 12 years now. I live in the country and I am looking for someone to share my life with and to enjoy our hopes and dreams and goals together. People can call themselves Christians but what I’m looking for someone that has a true relationship with God. I’m not looking for a religious fanatic but someone that loves God.
I believe a woman’s heart should be so close to God that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her heart. I am so tired of online dating but in this crazy world there’s no other way to really meet people. I do not believe in sex before marriage, I am not a partier, I like the outdoors and I do mission work in four different countries. I am adventurous, I love sports, fishing and hunting I like to bake, travel and sitting home in front of a fireplace, curled up to my significant other would be my happy place. I am in the medical field and God gave me a gift and I’m so blessed to be able to use it to save lives.
May God give you the desires of your heart but all I ask is please just be honest and don’t hide anything. One of my spiritual gifts is discernment and I am good at discerning whether or not people are lying to me.
Life is too short to leave it alone, I’m giving this to God and I’m going to trust him as He knows best for all of us.

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

My ideal date would be somebody that loves laughter, doesn’t take himself too serious but can be assertive and aggressive if needed. Somebody that listens and is a good communicator and doesn’t interrupt you when you talk. Someone that will pray with you and read your Bible and encouraged you and is not afraid to make mistakes and admit it. Somebody that could say they were sorry and they have a kind humble heart. They have to be willing to be a little silly and adventurous And willing to hold you when you cry and to comfort you.. I am not looking for the perfect man I’m just looking for what God wants me to have. I love the Bible verse in Corinthians that says, love is patient and kind, Love is not boastful not jealous and is not self-seeking. I’m pretty laid-back and easy-going so uptight hyper people probably wouldn’t get along with me.
My ideal first date would be going fishing because you can learn so much about people when they fish. Example, are they patient, are they willing to meet your hook for you, do they get mad when they don’t catch fish, and the best part is, it’s relaxing and fun.

My Christian faith:
I am nondenominational but currently attend a Baptist Church
Christian Denomination:
Non-denominational Christian 
Christian dating
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