Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
A little about me:

I am a lonely woman who is ready to get married and change her life. What brought me to the dating site? The desire to be respected and loved. As for my personality, I am smart, honest, kind and very caring. Also I am sensitive and very affectionate. I am the type of a woman who has a wide variety of interests.

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

I am very mature lady who definitely knows what she wants. I know how to embrace my femininity and make my man really excited with my sensuality. I consider myself light and positive, affectionate, with a good sense of humor. I have kind and peaceful character and it is almost impossible to make me lose my temper. However, if I ever lose it, the best way to calm me down is to give me a soft and sweet kiss!
I am a trader. I own a boutique with a friend of mine here in Green bay
I like traveling, bowling, cooking, listening to music, singing karaoke and dancing. I try to lead an active lifestyle. I also like shopping.

My Christian faith:
I have no description of my perfect man. To me, a man's beauty is not in his appearance, but in his deeds. Just be the man who can support, take care and love his woman. It attracts me more than anything!
Christian Denomination:
Assembly of God 
Christian dating
Looking For:
Serious Relationship