Columbiana, Ohio, United States
A little about me:

I consider myself a calm woman, I like simple things, sharing good times, and you will always see a smile on my face. I am a determined and confident woman in my capacities and abilities, sure of what I am and what I deserve. I believe in true love, loyalty and sincere commitment. My main contribution in a relationship is trust, fidelity, respect and love with all my heart, accepting the strengths and weaknesses of my partner. I want you and me to grow together in love, respect and freedom to be each one as they are!

Christian dating: My Ideal date:

The man of my dreams is sincere, kind, funny, loyal and very romantic. That he can express his love and admiration for him, be my partner and accomplice in the best adventures. He likes to travel and discover new places from my hand and whom he can love freely. I want you to be with me always, be the cause of my smiles and be that man who supports me in my projects and be part of my family. I wish with all my heart that my safe place is in your arms! Do you believe in true love and What would you do to conquer me and if you think that I can conquer you?

My Christian faith:
Faith can't really. “feel like”. Because faith is Spiritual and Spiritually discerned and the result of a Spiritual RELATIONSHIP with God the Father through Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Faith is a Spiritual grace that comes to us through BELIEVING… and so. WE BELIEVE… BY GRACE … THROUGH FAITH
Christian Denomination:
Church of Christ 
Christian dating
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